What makes the Sealed payment program different?

Our payment program isn’t like cash or a loan. It’s better.

Our payment program isn’t like cash or a loan. It’s better.

For years, if you wanted to pay for home improvements, you had two options: pay cash, or take out a loan.

Now there’s a better option: the Sealed payment program. Rather than having to pay for the work upfront, Sealed covers most or all of your out-of-pocket costs. If you save energy afterwards, your savings help pay us back. If you don’t save energy, we don’t get paid. Simple as that.

In this article, we’ll explain more about our program and why, in our not-at-all biased opinion, it’s better than cash or a loan.

Paying for home improvements: the old ways

A personal credit card offers immediate access to money. But interest rates can be 20% or higher. And the card offers you no protections if the work goes sideways, or doesn’t have the impact you hoped. You spent the money, and now you have to repay it. 

Another option is a personal line of credit from your bank, or a home equity loan. Interest rates on these loans are typically lower than a credit card. Once again, though, you won’t have any protections if the work is shoddy or incomplete. And you may face penalties if you try to repay the loan early. 

The really big difference between our program and cash or loans is accountability.

Paying cash, of course, means no interest. And there are no early payment penalties because you’ve already paid for everything. But cash won’t do anything to help guarantee the quality of the work. And once the money’s gone, it’s gone—you won’t be able to access those funds for anything else that comes up. 

What makes our program different?

The really big difference between our payment program and cash or loans is accountability. Our customers only pay us back if they save energy. We know it’s our job to make sure we deliver measurable results. And we believe we should only get paid if we succeed. 

With Sealed, your monthly payment is based on how much energy you actually save. You are replacing the money you were wasting on energy before, with a repayment for Sealed’s investment in your improved home.

With the Sealed payment program, there are no early payment penalties. And there’s no interest rate either. You pay back the money we used to cover your work, plus a little extra to help us keep the lights on. You receive a clear repayment schedule before any work begins, so you know exactly how much you’ll owe.

Our commitment to accountability extends through the entire process. From clear payment schedules and work plans before your install, to easy-to-understand bills afterward, we work to keep things simple and transparent every step of the way. 

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April 4, 2020