What's measured gets managed

Sealed provides software and solutions for contractors and homeowners that enable residential rebate programs to make a true market transformation impact.

Sealed is a Program Aggregator

As an aggregator, we simplify rebate programs for contractors by offering a suite of value-add services. We are not a program vendor or implementer. Instead, our role is to catalyze contractor and household adoption of energy-saving improvements while minimizing the soft costs associated with these programs. Our commitment is to contractors, providing them with the tools and support needed to drive success.

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Consumer protection and taxpayer accountability

Performance-based, measured savings programs are the future of energy efficiency. 

Consumer protection and taxpayer accountability

Rebates are provided based on actual, verified energy savings, creating accountability for consumer-facing energy savings predictions and dramatically reducing the risk of waste, fraud, and abuse.

Down payment on virtual power plants

Creates the foundation for markets that reward measured energy savings to improve grid reliability and develop virtual power plants.

Market transformation

Changes how we value and reward home efficiency and electrification to make it a scalable clean energy resource.

Lower soft costs

No energy models or extensive documentation required, allowing for increased participation and reduced soft costs (as well as administrative costs).

How Sealed Pro Works

We partner with programs as an aggregator

Aggregators are companies or non-profits that support the adoption of energy-saving improvements by making it easier for contractors and households to participate in rebate programs, and providing other value-add services

We provide contractors software to help them close deals in the home

We provide software and solutions to contractors, enabling them to install more home weatherization and electrification projects and grow their businesses. Our software, data, and analytics enable market leading products, including a one-stop rebate solution.

We pay rebates to contractors and households immediately – no waiting for rebates

We pay upon installation so households and contractors never have to wait on the program or utility for their rebate.

We take on the performance-risk of projects

We calculate the expected energy savings of projects and pay the rebates upfront based on our predictions. If the energy savings are less than expected, we take the hit, not the contractor or household.

We are paid back by the program

We receive program payments over time, so contractors and households don’t have to wait for their rebate.

We aggregate a portfolio of retrofit projects to begin developing virtual power plants

Our portfolio of home energy retrofit projects creates the foundation for the development of virtual power plants.

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