Pay Sealed based on energy reductions achieved

If your house doesn't save energy during a given month, your payment to Sealed for that month is $0.

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Affordable meets accountable

We cover the upfront costs of your home upgrades. The repayment is based on actual energy usage reductions as a result. And if we don’t cut energy waste? Then we don’t get paid.

Here's how it works

We’re in this together

Because our success is tied to cutting energy waste, we go the extra mile to ensure your house is better for your family and the planet.

Our sole focus is doing the right work for your home to the highest possible standard. We partner exclusively with top home performance contractors, and we propose upgrades that will stop energy waste. Plus, we manage the process every step of the way.

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Why we invented the Sealed payment program

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Cash and loans can’t compete

Only the Sealed payment program offers quality assurance, full-service project management, and a promise that your house will use less energy, or we won’t get paid.

Wouldn’t it be nice if all payment options were so responsible?

Sealed Loan Cash
No upfront costs
Pay based on results
Full service project management
Track performance over time

Wouldn’t it be nice if all payment options were so responsible?

How it works


Assess your house’s unique energy profile

Each house has a unique energy profile, which depends on the weather, structure of the house, and the people who live there.

We analyze your house’s structural details and historical energy usage patterns across all seasons.

Your energy profile tells us how your house is using energy in varying weather conditions, and the possible energy waste.


Make a plan for more comfort with less energy

We make a plan for your home upgrades, to address your comfort concerns and home improvement goals

The plan is designed to minimize the energy required to keep you comfortable year-round.

We match one of our certified contractor partners who is best suited to deliver the right results for your home.


Customize your payment terms

We pre-negotiate prices with every contractor in our network to ensure high quality work at a competitive cost.

Sealed can cover up to 100% of the project costs up front.

Your repayment terms are designed to balance low upfront costs with minimal changes to your ongoing expenses.


Pay Sealed based on energy reductions achieved

After the upgrades are complete, we review your actual energy use each month from your utility.

We compare your new energy use to your old energy profile in similar weather (see step 1).

The difference between your new energy use and your old energy profile is your monthly energy reduction.

Your Sealed bill is based on the size of your energy reduction each month.

If we don’t cut energy waste, we don’t get paid

If your house doesn't save energy during a given month.

Your payment to Sealed for that month is $0.

The Sealed payment program means Sealed has some skin in the game. They're motivated to not overcharge or do work that won’t reduce my energy waste.

Scott D.

Why we invented the Sealed payment program

Professional insulation and HVAC upgrades can be a big investment of time and money, with no guarantee of results. So they’re often at the bottom of homeowners’ to-do lists.

But there are hidden costs to waiting. Houses waste up to 60% of heating and cooling, which means families are paying extra to live in an uncomfortable, unhealthy environment.

We designed Sealed to deliver an affordable, accountable path to get the upgrades you need. Our payment program offers no upfront costs, full-service project management, quality assurance, and a promise that your house will use less energy, or we won’t get paid.

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Is Sealed free? What's the catch?

Sealed is not a grant. We cover the upfront costs of the work in your home. And then after the work is done, your energy savings help us recoup the cost of the work and our service.

There’s no gimmicks: if the upgrades we install perform as expected, you pay us back based on the actual energy saved. If we do a great job, we make a return on our investment in your home. And if we botch the job? It’s on us.

How long does the payment program last?

Our most popular program term is 20 years, because this length allows us to maximize the funds available for your project and ensure that there is minimal change to your monthly expenses.

Can I leave the payment program early?

Absolutely. There’s no early payment penalty. As part of your agreement with Sealed, you’ll be provided with a transparent early payment schedule.

What happens if I move or sell my house before I finish my payments?

You can transfer your agreement with Sealed to the new homeowner, or make a payment as outlined in your early payment schedule.

What will my monthly payment be?

Payment amounts vary from month to month, depending on how much energy you actually save in a given month (if you save nothing, your Sealed payment is zero). We’ll provide you with an estimated monthly payment when we review your solution with you.

How to qualify

We'd love to offer our payment plan to everyone, but right now it's only available to people who:

  • Own and live in a single-family standalone home or townhouse
  • Have access to heating and electricity usage history
  • Have a FICO score of at least 680
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