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Making Kool Keith’s home cooler (and warmer!)

With Sealed’s help, Keith Jackson’s dream home became comfortable and accessible for him and his parents.


Monroe, Connecticut

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Split Level

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First-time homeowner Keith Jackson knew his Connecticut home was the perfect fit for him and his parents, but there was one big drawback: the temperatures.

“I saw the potential right away,” says Keith.

He was drawn to his home’s extra space and closeness to nature, “I felt my parents deserve this kind of peace and relaxation,” Keith says.

A wedding DJ by trade, Keith (also known as Kool Keith) took a hands-on approach to homeownership, “When I came in, I completely redid the bathroom and painted the living room myself.”

Sealed came to the rescue right when we needed them.

Keith Jackson — Monroe, Connecticut

As Keith and his parents settled into their new home, uneven temperatures gave them pause.

“I found cracks in the walls bringing in a cold draft in the winter. It was like Jack Frost was knocking at my door,” says Keith.

Keith even ran the pellet stove to combat the cold, “I’d have the stove and our gas heating system on at the same time, which is insanely expensive.”

Summer at the Jackson home came with another set of issues, “It gets like a sauna here. You could literally come upstairs and feel a heat wave hitting you,” says Keith.

With my parents being elders, it was a comfort issue and a health concern.

Keith Jackson — Monroe, Connecticut

“After some research, I found out our comfort issue came from bad insulation in the attic and basement. I’m pretty good with fixing things, but with insulation—I’m not touching that,” says Keith.

Caring for his parents motivated Keith to prioritize home comfort, “With my parents being elders, it was a comfort issue and a health concern.”

Keith found Sealed just in time.

“I’m scrolling through my news feed. I see this guy in a jumpsuit insulating an attic—very neat and precise,” says Keith, “I clicked the link and started to learn more about Sealed.”

After contacting Sealed, Keith’s home was given a custom comfort plan that includes high performance insulation and air sealing upgrades.

Keith’s upgrades were installed over three days. First, contractors removed old insulation from the attic and added decking to prep for new insulation.

Contractors sprayed foam insulation on the attic floor, skylight, and basement rim joists to reduce the home’s uneven temperatures and energy waste. The installation process ended with air sealing around the perimeter of the house to help protect against drafts.

Keith and his parents now feel at ease thanks to Sealed’s upgrades.

Keith’s office, aka ‘The Magic Room’, is a lot more comfortable, too.

“I take pride in creating an epic night for a bride and groom. A comfortable office makes that possible,” says Keith.

Keith is glad to provide comfort and care for his parents as they did for him growing up, “My hope was for my parents to live comfortably without worrying about putting on multiple fans or heaters. We have that now,” says Keith.

“My mother’s sitting on the couch watching her soap operas and she doesn’t have a shawl on. It’s a beautiful thing. This is why I love Sealed.”