Sealed teams up with Rockland Electric Company Sealed partners with Rockland Electric Company to modernize home heating and cooling systems for New Jersey homeowners

NEW YORK, NY – Oct. 29, 2021 – Temperatures in New Jersey are set to plunge this winter, but Sealed, an industry leader in modernizing home heating and cooling systems to make homes healthier, more comfortable, and cleaner for the environment, is warming up New Jersey homeowners in partnership with Rockland Electric Company. Rockland Electric Company, an electric utility in the state and a subsidiary of Orange & Rockland and Con Edison in New York- both with similar programs – will now offer Sealed’s home comfort upgrades to its New Jersey customers.

Available across New York, New Jersey, and the Philadelphia Metropolitan area, Sealed provides a concierge-style service that makes home efficiency and comfort upgrades easy. The home climate tech leader works directly with homeowners to pinpoint the most effective upgrades to reduce energy use and make homes noticeably more comfortable. Improvements including insulation, heat pump HVAC and smart thermostats balance temperatures, reduce drafts, and improve air quality. Sealed matches homeowners to certified contractors, coordinates the entirety of the project, and covers the upfront costs. Once the work is complete, Sealed only gets paid if a home saves energy. 

“Unfortunately, many homeowners suffer with drafty rooms and air leaks, which will only be magnified as we begin to approach the colder temperatures in winter. The process of upgrading home insulation is a significant undertaking that can be expensive and confusing for many,” said Sealed CEO Lauren Salz. “Through our partnership, we’re delighted to deliver more comfortable homes for our families in New Jersey while supporting the new New Jersey Home Performance with Energy Star program.”

“No one should have to sacrifice home comfort, especially when more and more families are spending time in their homes,” said Janette Espino, Rockland Electric Company’s Vice President, Customer Service. “We’re delighted to partner with Sealed to help New Jersey homeowners make their homes more energy efficient and comfortable year-round.” 

About Sealed

Sealed is a home wellness company on a mission to make homes healthy, comfortable, and clean for the planet. Sealed is transforming energy, finance and home improvement to deliver clean air and comfort with less energy. Sealed modernizes home heating and cooling with upgrades like insulation and HVAC technology. Sealed matches the right contractor, covers the upfront costs, and stands behind the work: Sealed only gets paid if your house saves energy. Sealed is venture backed and based in New York City. For more information on Sealed, visit

About Rockland Electric Company

Located in the northwestern suburbs of New York City, Rockland’s electric and gas service provides energy for more than 300,000 households and businesses in six counties in New York and northern New Jersey. Founded as the Rockland Light & Power Co. in Nyack, NY in 1899, they merged with Orange and Rockland Electric Company in 1958 and became Orange and Rockland Utilities, Inc. With their subsidiary, Rockland Electric Company, they became wholly owned by Consolidated Edison, Inc. in 1999.

November 12, 2021