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Get up to $6,500* in pre-paid weatherization upgrades from HomeAdvance!

Con Edison is partnering with Sealed to get qualified customers professionally-installed insulation and smart home technology that keeps you warm in the winter and cool in the summer.

The energy (and money) you save covers the cost!

Just like a leaky faucet wastes water, a drafty house wastes energy—and money! HomeAdvance uses the money you're wasting to pay for insulation, air sealing, and smart home technology.

Upgrading your home keeps you warmer in the winter and cooler in the summer—and the results pay for it. Qualified customers can get up to $6,500 upfront based on their energy usage.


See if you're eligible!

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Here's how it works:

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A HomeAdvance-certified contractor weatherizes your home with insulation, air sealing, and smart home technology. 

The HomeAdvance program pre-pays up to $6,500, which covers all or most of the work.

After the work is done, your upgraded home runs with less energy, lowering your bill. The difference in cost between your old bill and new bill pays for the work over time.

  • You get: A house that's more comfortable, healthy, safe, and green.
  • You pay: Basically nothing! The money you were wasting to heat and cool your drafty house covers the cost of the upgrades.

See if you qualify:

Step 1: Get a virtual home profile

During a 15-30 minute phone call, a Home Energy Pro asks questions, learning more about your house and your needs. Based on this, we'll propose a personalized home upgrade plan for you.

Step 2: At-home Inspection

The at-home inspection reviews the inside and outside of your home, then we finalize your home upgrade plan.

Step 3: Install your pre-paid upgrades

A HomeAdvance-certified contractor adds new insulation, seals up cracks and gaps, and installs smart home technology, maximizing your energy efficiency. The pre-paid upgrades make your home more comfortable healthier, and green. 

Step 4: Let your energy savings cover the work

Each month you'll save money on your energy bill, which pays for the upgrades. You get a better home, and your wallet never knows the difference. 

HomeAdvance is an investment in your home!

HomeAdvance was a godsend.

They exceeded our expectations in every way. They sealed our home with insulation and our house is warm!

You can pay for the work through the savings you have each month. We definitely recommend this company!
— Annaliesa P., Piermont, NY

Why upgrade your home with HomeAdvance?

Be safer and more comfortable.

Insulation, air sealing, and furnace upgrades keep you comfortable all year round. 

Breathe cleaner air.

Proper ventilation removes moisture, dust, and other allergens from your home.

Unlock the full value of your home.

Tell prospective buyers that your home has been fully upgraded with smart technology.

Go green.

Using less energy isn’t just good for you—it’s good for everyone!

A comfortable home starts with comfort upgrades


Attic Insulation 

In the winter, heat rises straight through your roof and out of your house. Insulation keeps your living space comfy year round.

Smart Thermostat

Automatically adjusts your heating and cooling so you’re always comfortable. It also has wi-fi.


Seal Air Leaks

We’ll close the gaps around windows and doors that cause drafts in the winter, and make your house stuffy in the summer. 

LED Lighting

LEDs have the same warm glow as regular bulbs, they’re dimmable, and they last 10 years. 

* For qualified Con Edison customers. You must own and live in a single-family detached home heated with oil or natural gas in order to qualify. Amount of funding available may vary depending on a number of factors, including the age, style, and size of your home, as well as your past energy usage. Contact Sealed to start with a Virtual Home Profile to learn more about what you qualify for.