Why your energy utility wants you to use less energy

And why do utilities partner with Sealed?

And why do utilities partner with Sealed?

At Sealed, we help make houses more comfortable by making them more efficient. To make this work happen, Sealed partners with some of the country’s biggest energy utilities including, in all likelihood, yours.

This might make you wonder: Why would energy utilities want customers to use less energy? In this article we’ll give you the answers.

The short answer

Many utilities are incentivized and even required to reduce the amount of energy their customers consume. Because Sealed substantially lowers residential energy use with our Comfort Plan, we’re an ideal partner to help them meet their goals.

The longer answer

Utilities are different than most businesses. In other industries, there’s an open market of businesses competing for your hard-earned dollars. 

Utilities, however, don’t face the same levels of competition; they are what is called a “natural monopoly.” If you want to buy electricity or natural gas for your home, there’s only one choice in your locality to have that energy delivered, which makes sense: it would be wasteful and costly for multiple companies to build wires and pipes in the same place. 

In exchange for this exclusivity, energy utilities are heavily regulated by government agencies who set limits for the industry. This helps keep costs fair for customers, and assures a set of high standards for service and safety.

Because they have regulated rates, many energy utilities aren’t paid for the sale of energy. Rather, they’re paid for the safe and cost-effective distribution of energy. That’s why energy consumption is only one portion of your energy bill every month. The rest of the taxes and fees you see on the bill go toward maintaining the networks that get power to your home.

In order to keep costs down, utilities make efforts to have the most efficient delivery networks possible. One way of keeping the network efficient is to reduce strain. That means carrying as little energy as possible. So that’s one reason utilities want to deliver less energy.

Here’s the other reason why your utility wants to make your home more energy efficient: government regulators, including those in New York and other Northeast states, have set ambitious clean energy and carbon reduction goals, and have mandated that the utilities work to help meet those goals through energy efficiency. 

As you can imagine, reducing energy consumption across an entire town, county, or even state is no small task. So utilities partner with outside companies like Sealed to help them meet their goals.

Having utilities, homeowners, and companies like Sealed all focused on energy efficiency is a win-win-win-win. 

  • Making homes more energy-efficient benefits homeowners because they live more comfortably and save money
  • Energy efficiency helps utilities because they are able to run more cost effectively and meet their mandates
  • Companies like Sealed and our contractor partners benefit from doing more business, and that results in more local jobs
  • And the planet wins too, because energy efficiency reduces greenhouse emissions and other nasty pollution from burning fuels

Good for people. Good for utilities. Good for the local economy. And good for the planet. Four reasons utilities and—homeowners—love working with Sealed.

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April 1, 2020