What’s it like working with Sealed?

A rundown of our process, from first call to final install.

A rundown of our process, from first call to final install.

If you’ve ever had major work done on your home, you know that the whole process can be a hassle. You’ve got to find a contractor and find a time for them to visit your house. Maybe you go through this process several times just so you can get different estimates. In no time, your home improvement project can start feeling like a part-time job.

At Sealed, we’ve designed a different process for upgrading homes. We prioritize ease, efficiency, affordability and accountability, without sacrificing the quality of the work.

In this article, we’ll take you through our process step by step, and explain why we do things the way we do.

Step 1: Qualification

The first step in working with us is to take our qualification quiz. It takes only a few minutes, and you’ll receive an immediate response as to whether or not your home is a good match for Sealed. 

Why start with a quiz?

Sealed works best for certain types of homes. For instance, we don’t currently service multi-family dwellings. And if you’re a renter we won’t be able to help you either. We don’t want to waste your time if our services aren’t right for you, and the quiz is a quick, easy way to determine if we’re a match.

Step 2: Introductory call

Once you’ve qualified, we’ll send you an email setting up time for you to talk with one of our home comfort experts. During the intro call, we’ll talk about the issues you’re experiencing in your home, and discuss why your home might be losing energy. The call is free and there’s never any obligation, pressure, or commitment to take the conversation further. 

It’s our goal throughout the process to help you make educated and informed decisions about your home upgrade plans.  

Why a call? 

We know that no two homes or families are alike, and we use the information covered during this first conversation to start building a custom solution for you. We also share more detail about the work Sealed does so you can decide if we’re right for you. It’s our goal throughout the process to help you make educated and informed decisions about your home upgrade plans.  

Step 3: Energy history analysis

As part of the introductory call, we’ll also look at your home’s energy use. In order to make this analysis, we’ll need your permission to look at your energy history with your utility. This is an important step in the process, because it provides vital information that allows us to better understand the exact ways in which your home is wasting energy. As they say, the numbers don’t lie, and your past energy bills can tell us a lot. 

Is sharing my billing history secure?

Yes. Our energy history permission form is encrypted. We never use your personal information for any reason other than to analyze your energy history and deliver a custom plan for your house.

Step 4: Solution review phone call

After the first call, we get to work creating a custom upgrade plan for your home. The next step is your solution review call, where we discuss the plan together. We’ll go over the exact scope of work and provide an estimate. 

We’re able to predict with high accuracy the upgrades your home will need—all without ever making an in-person visit. 

Sealed covers most or all of the upfront costs of your work. The estimate will show you how much we can pay for, and what expected monthly repayment will be. Again, at this point there’s zero obligation. If the work seems right and you’re ready to take it on, we can move forward.

How can Sealed build an upgrade plan for me without visiting my home?

We get this question a lot. Here’s how we do it: Using the information you provide along with publicly available data and our own data gathered from building plans for thousands and thousands of other homes, we’re able to predict with high accuracy the upgrades your home will need—all without ever making an in-person visit. 

Step 5: Verification 

Sealed is able to verify your upgrade plan to make sure that the project is properly scoped. There are two options:

  1. Remote verification – you follow our guided virtual experience to take the necessary photos and measurements to confirm your project scope
  2. In-home visit – our certified contractor visits your home to take photos and measurements

If any changes are needed, we’ll adjust the plan accordingly. Once everything is set and all sides have agreed, you’ll sign your agreement so we can move forward with the work.

Step 6: Installation

With the scope of work locked and agreements signed, we can get down to the nitty gritty. We’ll help set up a date for the work to be done and share a clear timeline and project plan with you. Installs typically take only a day or two. 

How does Sealed choose my contractor? 

Sealed works exclusively with certified home performance contractors. In choosing your contractor, we typically look at location (are they near your home) and expertise (do they have a specific area of knowledge that makes them especially well-suited to your work). When negotiating with contractors, we always look to get you the best price possible. It’s in our best interest to keep costs low: Sealed makes money if home saves energy, not because the price of the project is high.

Who’s my point of contact when the work’s getting done?

You’ll be assigned an account manager once you sign your agreement. It’s the account manager’s job to guide you through the install process, and they’re available to answer any questions as they come up. Your account manager is also your point of contact should you have any questions after the work is finished. 

Step 7: Billing

Once the work is complete, you’ll start receiving your monthly bill from Sealed. There are two options for billing. You can receive a combined bill, where Sealed pays your energy utility on your behalf. Or you can receive separate bills from Sealed and your utility and pay each individually. These options are discussed in further detail as you finalize your agreement.

What will my monthly payments be?

Payment amounts vary, depending on how much energy you save in a given month. If you save nothing, your Sealed payment is zero and you just pay your regular utility bill amount. We’ll provide you with an estimated monthly payment when we review your upgrade plan with you.

Get started

Now that you know how Sealed works, are you ready to take the next step? You already know what it is: take the quiz to see if you qualify. Or give us a call at 888-985-7481 to speak with one of our experts now.

We look forward to working with you!

April 4, 2020