What we’re building at Sealed Sealed is the first ENERGY STAR Home Upgrade Service Provider, delivering high performance home energy upgrades 

No doubt the ENERGY STAR name is at the top of the list when people think about energy efficient appliances and equipment. In fact, 90% of households recognize the brand. Now ENERGY STAR is using the power of its brand to help people navigate their home efficiency and electrification journeys.

ENERGY STAR Home Upgrade is a new program designed to help households improve the performance of their entire home through a one-stop shop for home energy upgrades. It consists of six high-impact measures, each meant to work together to deliver significant energy and cost savings — improving the comfort and energy efficiency of homes in the process. 

We at Sealed know that electrification journeys aren’t always easy. There are often multiple steps, different contractors, and, of course, the cost. The ENERGY STAR Home Upgrade program looks to simplify the process for households, connecting them with retailers, incentives, service providers, and other resources. 

As of today, that includes Sealed, the first ENERGY STAR Home Upgrade Service Provider. Becoming a Service Provider will only help us improve what we’ve been doing for the last decade: helping people across the U.S. stop home energy waste and electrify their homes.  

The ENERGY STAR Home Upgrade Partnership will increase awareness of high performance upgrades

To meet climate and energy goals, households across the U.S. need to improve the energy efficiency of their homes and replace fossil fuel-powered appliances with electric alternatives like heat pumps. Currently, a major barrier impeding this sort of work is the simple fact that many people don’t realize their homes can be improved to be more comfortable and efficient. 

The ENERGY STAR Home Upgrade program aims to inform households of the numerous benefits of home energy upgrades — and, in turn, get people excited about making the sort of home upgrades that will mean better indoor living and lower monthly costs. 

We at Sealed are excited to be a part of the ENERGY STAR Home Upgrade mission. Being an ENERGY STAR Home Upgrade Service Provider will allow us to build upon our existing partnerships to let even more homeowners know what upgrades are available to them. And by working with contractors across the country, we’re bringing experienced professionals to households who can assist in their home energy journey.

Today, ENERGY STAR drives adoption of home energy upgrades, and the facts speak for themselves. More than 1,200 retailers sell ENERGY STAR products every year, which amounts to more than 300 million ENERGY STAR appliances and equipment sold every year. In the last year alone, nearly half of Americans knowingly purchased a product that carried the ENERGY STAR label. ENERGY STAR Home Upgrade will only expand this reach by putting the companies and organizations leading the way in home energy efficiency in one place. 

Consumers can better understand their options with ENERGY STAR Home Upgrade

The ENERGY STAR Home Upgrade program has developed robust consumer-facing educational content about the high impact, energy saving upgrades that will prepare households for the clean energy future. 

For instance: It’s not always easy to understand what a heat pump does (the name isn’t exactly intuitive). But ENERGY STAR Home Upgrade has materials to educate consumers on how heat pumps work and why they might be a good fit for their home.

Similarly, these materials can be leveraged by contractors to help with the “kitchen table conversation,” something we’ve found is the most influential moment of the home energy upgrade journey. If a contractor, for example, tells a homeowner that a heat pump is their best bet, that homeowner is going to buy a heat pump. 

At Sealed, we’re committed to making these talks as easy as possible by distributing these educational materials to contractors — helping them make the case to households that efficient, clean technologies should be their first choice.

ENERGY STAR Home Upgrade represents high performance electrification

For more than 30 years, ENERGY STAR has set the standard for how efficiency and electrification can be done right. The ENERGY STAR Home Upgrade program represents the next step, by emphasizing high performance electrification — which makes Sealed the perfect fit.

As an aggregator, Sealed helps ensure the installation of high quality projects that save as much energy as possible. We participate in measured savings rebate programs, which are all about rewarding projects that save the most energy. Measured savings rebate programs create a “race to the top” where high performance upgrades that save the most energy are rewarded.

We’re excited to team up with the ENERGY STAR Home Upgrade to elevate our experience connecting households to high quality contractors in their area who are ready and equipped to offer a full suite of rebates to lower the prices of energy efficiency upgrades.

This partnership comes at a perfect time. The Inflation Reduction Act Home Energy Rebates, set to start rolling out later this year, require installation of ENERGY STAR certified appliances. And as an ENERGY STAR Home Upgrade Service Provider, we at Sealed can help you take advantage of these rebates.

We are excited to be the first Service Provider in the ENERGY STAR Home Upgrade program — and we’re ready to help people across the country bring energy efficiency into their homes

For more information, check out Sealed’s press release here.

May 21, 2024