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Sealed is a home wellness company on a mission to make homes healthy, comfortable, and cleaner for the planet.

Bringing home heating and cooling into the 21st century

We built Sealed to transform homes—and home improvement—from the inside out. We’re solving the problem of 20th century heating and cooling with a 21st century service. Here’s how:


Most homeowners lack the equipment, time and training needed to properly upgrade their home’s insulation and HVAC. While many contractors will offer to do the work, it’s hard to find the ones that are trained to do it the right way.

We design custom heating and cooling plans, backed by leading research in home performance. Plus, we match customers with certified contractors, and coordinate all the work. So there’s no more worrying about what to do, or how to do it.

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Affordability meets accountability

Upgrading your home’s insulation and HVAC can be a big investment, and satisfaction is rarely guaranteed.

We designed Sealed so customers get the work done without the financial risk. With our first-of-its-kind payment program, we cover the upfront costs. After the work is done, customers repay Sealed based on the energy they actually save.

We stand by the results of our work. We only get paid if our customers save energy. That way, Sealed takes on all the risk. And our customers reap the benefits.

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What is home wellness?

Home wellness is our concept of livability. It’s about using modern technology to make a house as good as it can be, in three key areas:

Our Team

Lauren Salz Lauren Salz, CEO
Andy Frank Andy Frank, President

Based in New York City, Sealed was founded in 2012 by Lauren Salz (CEO, Forbes 30 under 30, former McKinsey) and Andy Frank (President, energy efficiency veteran).

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We’re solving big problems at Sealed. Are you up to the challenge?

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