Goodbye, energy waste. Hello, comfort.

Get insulation and HVAC upgrades from the expert team at Sealed. We’ll cover your upfront costs.

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Goodbye, energy waste. Hello, comfort.

Get insulation and HVAC upgrades from the expert team at Sealed. We’ll cover your upfront costs.

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Sealed is honored to be named one of 2021's most innovative companies

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The future of home is here

Modern life isn’t possible without heating and cooling. The trouble is, the way we heat and cool our homes is stuck in the past. They’re too hot in summer, too cold in winter, and too wasteful all year long.

Sealed modernizes houses with the latest HVAC, weatherproofing, and smart home technology. So your house feels just right, for years to come.

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Sealed uses the latest heat pump technology, powered by clean electricity. With built-in air filtering, heat pumps keep the air inside healthy and fresh.


With improved insulation and air sealing, you can say goodbye to drafty halls in winter, and stuffy rooms in summer.

Cleaner for the planet

Sealed reduces your energy use by up to 3X, turning your house into a lean, green heating and cooling machine.

Upfront Costs Covered

Sealed covers the upfront costs of your upgrades. If we don’t reduce your energy use, we don’t get paid.

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Depending on where you live, your house may emit more carbon than your car.

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Our plans


Make your house more comfortable and efficient no matter the weather with insulation, air sealing and smart home tech.

Climate Control

Get room-by-room temperature control, cleaner air, and up to 3X greater efficiency with the latest heat pump technology.

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Sealed was the single best thing we could have done for our home!

Liz C.

The comfort level is 100% better.

Charles C.

After Sealed, our attic is cooler and the house feels like it's retaining the AC temperature longer.

Victor D.

Now we feel like we can really live in our house.

Annaliesa P.

The second floor of my house is toasty warm now.

George B.

Home improvement, improved

Stress-free home upgrades? With Sealed, they’re not just a fantasy. We prioritize ease, affordability and accountability, without sacrificing quality.

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Affordable meets accountable

The Sealed payment program covers the upfront costs of your home upgrades. You repay us based on the energy reduction we achieve after the work is done. And if we don’t cut energy waste? We don’t get paid.

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Sealed Loan Cash
No upfront costs
Pay based on results
Full service project management
Track performance over time
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Your full service partner to stop home energy waste and electrify your home

We make it easy and affordable for people to be more comfortable while using less energy.

Our proven holistic approach can cut home energy use in half and take a home off of fossil fuels. Our expert team designs the right solution, matches top-rated local contractors, manages the project from start to finish, and we’re accountable to results.

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