Does your home need to be Sealed?


Is your home is drafty? Hot and stuffy? Covered in ice dams? Full of dust bunnies? Simply using too much energy?

Sealed will help you fix these problems so you can live in the comfortable, healthy, and valuable home that you deserve!

Through our network of installer partners, we deliver affordable and effective solutions including smart home technologies, insulation, air leakage reduction, and efficient heating and cooling systems.

What's more, only Sealed can lower your upfront project cost and provide long-term accountability through our groundbreaking HomeAdvance program. Learn more

My bedroom is ACTUALLY warm in the winter for a change. I’m a believer.”
— Josh G., East Meadow, NY
Upstairs doesn’t feel like a sauna in the summer anymore. I felt the difference right away!
— Hugh G., Port Washington, NY

Making home health and comfort affordable and worry-free.

Free home energy assessment


Have a no-cost home energy consultation that designs a custom solution for your home.

$0 down for home energy upgrades.


A qualified contractor installs project addressing your home comfort and health needs.

Groundbreaking Sealed Rewards Programs.


Our HomeAdvance program lowers your up-front cost, letting you use guaranteed energy savings to cover the rest.

I turn the heat off when I leave the house. When I come back, the house is still toasty!
— Lois A., Levittown, NY
Choosing Sealed was a no-brainer!”
— Cat G., Malverne, NY

Don't shiver your way through winter. Get the comfort you deserve!

Get started with a no-cost home energy consultation:

  • Speak to a Sealed expert over the phone to see how we can help
  • Have a BPI-certified Home Energy Advisor visit your home to identify problem areas and design a custom solution
  • Qualify for state and utility rebate programs
  • Learn more about HomeAdvance and other payment options

Please note that HomeAdvance is currently available only in the state of New York. Please call us at (516) 605-6475 with questions or to schedule your consultation!

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