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Welcome Willco Mechanical Customers!

HomeAdvance is proud to partner with Willco Mechanical, servicing customers in Long Island, New York.

Follow the steps below to apply for HomeAdvance from Sealed and the New York Green Bank, the only program that pre-pays for smart upgrades like insulation, air sealing, and oil-to-gas conversions.

Apply for HomeAdvance

Completing your HomeAdvance application should take less than 5 minutes. Here's what you'll need to do:

  1. Submit your contact and a few basic pieces of information below
  2. Authorize HomeAdvance to collect and review your energy usage history
  3. Authorize HomeAdvance to check your credit score (our program requires a minimum 680 FICO score)

We will contact you within one business day to confirm your application status. Please call (888) 650-3715 with any questions.

Step 1: Submit Your Basic Information

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Does your home have central air conditioning? *
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If you keep your temperature at the same level all the time, put the same number for the low and high (e.g. 72-72)
Do you already have natural gas service at your home? *
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If you have gas service, please indicate which appliances run on gas.
Select all that apply to you. If you do not have gas powered appliances, leave this question blank.