How to "Self-Audit" Your Home

Take appropriate photos to guide your Home Energy Specialist in the customization of your HomeAdvance program


The Exterior

Take photos of the (Front) (Back) (Right) and (Left) sides of the house. Be sure to include the entire height of the home in each shot. 

The Interior + the Attic

Take photos of the ceiling underneath your attic. Capture fixtures such as:

  • Bathroom exhaust fans
  • Recessed Lights
  • Attic entrances (pulldown staircases, scuttle holes, hatches)

ALSO! Take photos of the attic in each direction from the entrance of the attic.


Kentuha_Catherine Photo Jul 17, 1 28 54 PM.jpg

The Foundation

Capture images of the following areas:

  • Garage Ceiling
  • Basement Ceiling (multiple views)
  • Crawlspace (multiple views)