Our process has 3 easy steps:

Whether you are dealing with drafts and stuffy rooms, dust and allergens, old equipment or high energy bills, our Home Energy Pros will identify the problem, solve it, and help you pay for it.

Consult with a Home Energy Pro

Sealed will connect you to a Home Energy Professional in our network based upon your home's needs. All of our Pros are licensed, insured, and have a long record of high-quality installations.

Your Home Energy Pro will visit your home for a no-cost consultation to identify solutions to your home's needs.


Install a custom solution

Your Home Energy Pro will help you design and install a custom solution that meets your home's needs. Projects often incorporate new insulation, sealing air leaks, efficient lighting, and HVAC upgrades.

Here are a few solutions we offer to common problems:

Pay with your energy savings

Our exclusive HomeAdvance program pays for a portion of your project, helping give you a lower upfront cost. HomeAdvance gets paid back over time as you save energy.

With HomeAdvance, you keep money in your pocket today, and maintain your energy budget.


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