Welcome Kiwi Energy Customers

Have you noticed stuffy, humid, drafty rooms or other uneven temperatures in your home? Kiwi Energy has teamed up with Sealed to help you fix these problems and live in the comfort you deserve.

As a Kiwi customer*, you can have a FREE Sealed Home Energy Assessment (a $250 value)! After your Assessment you will earn $25 in EcoGold Rewards, plus we'll give you a $100 discount off of any Sealed home comfort project!

At your home energy assessment you will:

  • Find out how to make your house more comfortable (fixing problems like drafts, humid and stuffy rooms, cold floors)
  • Receive a customized Home Energy Report
  • Qualify for rebates and Sealed's HomeAdvance program to help cover the costs of a home comfort project

Ready to get the comfort you deserve?
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*Please note: only homeowners with single-family homes are eligible for Sealed's services at this time.


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What happens in a home energy assessment?