Is this your home? Time to get Sealed!


If you are experiencing any of these issues in your home, Sealed can help!

Our Home Energy Pros install expert solutions to these problems at an affordable price through our exclusive HomeAdvance program.

We cover some or all of the cost of your home upgrades, you use less energy, and we get paid back with money normally spent on utility bills.

Put your utility dollars to work for you - make your home a Sealed home and live in the comfort you deserve!

Sealed exceeded our expectations in every way. During a three day job, they sealed our home with insulation and our house is warm! It was wonderful to put away our space heaters.

With their HomeAdvance program, you can pay for the work through the savings you have each month. We definitely recommend this company!
— Annaliesa P., Piermont, NY

Pay with your energy savings through our exclusive HomeAdvance program


Upgrade your home in three easy steps


My bedroom is ACTUALLY warm in the winter for a change. I’m a believer.
— Josh G., East Meadow, NY
Upstairs doesn’t feel like a sauna in the summer anymore. I felt the difference right away!
— Hugh G., Port Washington, NY
Sealed was a godsend!
— Annaliesa P., Piermont, NY

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