Gas Conversion Plan

Say so long to oil and hello to cleaner, more efficient natural gas.

See if your house qualifies
See if your house qualifies

Why upgrade?

More warm. Less worry.

Forget oil deliveries—natural gas comes straight to you. It's cleaner, more efficient heat with none of the hassle.

Learn how energy savings pay for Sealed

Increase your resale value

Having an Energy Star-rated natural gas heater makes your home a better value. In fact, 94% of home buyers prefer a home with Energy Star-rated appliances.*

Take care of the planet

Because it's cleaner and more efficient, natural gas heat isn't just better for you; it's better for the planet too. So, really, you're doing us all a favor. Thank you.

What's in the Gas Conversion Plan?

Combination gas heat and hot water system

We'll replace your old heating system with a sleek high-efficiency unit. You get more heat and hot water from a smaller, smarter package.

Smart thermostats

Stop doing battle with your old thermostat. Control your heat from anywhere with a smart thermostat that automatically learns your preferences.

Seamless, professional installation

Sealed coordinates your upgrade from start to finish. We work with top-rated contractors in your area to ensure that the work gets done fast and right.