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It's your home, you deserve to be comfortable.

Many inspectors neglect to check insulation levels, air leakage, and other signs that your new home may be wasting energy. Too often, homeowners move into their homes and discover drafts, stuffy rooms, allergens, dust and other problems they did not expect. Sealed can help you address these issues.

Let us show you how.

Start with a no-cost consultation, where one of our qualified home energy advisors will get to know you and your home, and design a custom home solution to increase your home comfort, health, quality and value:

  • Full home walk-through including attic evaluation and HVAC equipment inspection (where appropriate)
  • Review historical energy usage information and discuss critical problem areas
  • Common solutions include:
    • sealing air leaks
    • increasing insulation in attic and walls
    • replacing inefficient heating and cooling equipment

What comes next?

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*Please note: only homeowners with single-family detached homes are eligible for Sealed's services at this time. (Customers who live in apartments or other multi-family homes, town homes, row houses, brownstones or other attached houses are currently ineligible for this service).  

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