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Reclaim the money you waste on fuel oil to pre-pay for a natural gas conversion.

HomeAdvance makes gas conversion easy and affordable

You know how annoying fuel oil is. It's dirty. It's wasteful. You're never even sure how much is left in the tank! 

That's why 95% of people use natural gas instead. And you could too.

With HomeAdvance, you can have a new high-efficiency gas system installed for nothing up front—you just keep paying what you pay for fuel oil. Easy!


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Whatever you pay for fuel oil covers your gas conversion

You know how much fuel oil it takes to heat your home. That energy has real value that could pay for gas conversion instead. Here’s how:

Since a new gas heating system more efficient and less expensive than the old oil heater, it’ll cost less to heat your home each month. HomeAdvance reclaims that money to pay off the work we do. So your monthly bill (including gas service) stays the same.

It's really that simple!

I am usually skeptical about such things as a win-win but this is clearly one of them! This really is a great deal and I unequivocally recommend HomeAdvance!
— Rick C., Pelham, NY

We've done hundreds of gas conversions. Why not yours?

You qualify for a HomeAdvance Gas Conversion if:

  • You live in a single-family home
  • You heat your home with heating oil
  • You've lived in your home for at least one year.
  • Your credit score is 680 or higher.