Your Sealed Energy Billing Questions - Answered!

First: Which billing option have you chosen?

Combined Billing

Non-Combined Billing

I'm not sure! What's the difference?

Combined Billing vs. Non-Combined Billing

Through our Combined Billing option, Sealed pays your energy bills on your behalf. Rather than make separate payments, Combined Billing incorporates your energy usage cost and your HomeAdvance savings payment into a single easy bill.

If you choose Non-Combined Billing, you will continue to directly pay your energy companies and will receive a separate HomeAdvance bill.


Combined Billing FAQ


How often will I receive a HomeAdvance bill?

You will receive bills from Sealed at least once per calendar month. We will send you a HomeAdvance bill within 8 days of receiving a bill from one of your energy companies.

If one of your energy companies does not send you a bill during a given calendar month, Sealed will send you a bill for the estimated energy savings during that particular period. We will reconcile this estimate after the next bill sent by your energy company.

Will I receive separate bills for electricity and heating fuel?

If you receive electric service and heating fuel from two different companies, you will receive separate HomeAdvance bills for electricity and heating fuel. Otherwise, you will receive a single HomeAdvance bill incorporating both electricity and heating fuel.

How do I pay my HomeAdvance bill?

All of our customers pay their bills through direct bank account debit. We do not accept checks or credit cards at this time.

This payment will be automatically processed 5 days after receiving your bill, and you will receive an email notification from Sealed on the day your payment is processed.

How does budget billing work?

Budget billing with Sealed is easy! Your budget bill will consist of two parts each month:

  • The monthly budget amount set by your energy company
  • A monthly budget amount for your energy savings payment, set by Sealed. This is based upon your annual expected energy savings.

We will reconcile both your energy company budget and energy savings budget on the same schedule. Any balance owed or credit earned will be passed along to you.

How will my HomeAdvance bills be sent to me?

Sealed will send your bills to your preferred email address. We do not send our bills by mail at this time.

What happens if I do not pay my HomeAdvance bill?

In the unlikely circumstances that Sealed is unable to process multiple consecutive HomeAdvance payments, Sealed reserves the right to cancel your Service Agreement and charge you the appropriate Early Payment Amount as indicated in your Early Payment Schedule.

If this were to happen, Sealed would also stop paying bills to your energy companies, so it’s possible your power may get shut off!

What happens if there are not enough funds in my account on the payment date?

If there are insufficient funds in your bank account on the payment date, Sealed will notify you via email. We will make a second transaction attempt 7 days after the initial bill due date. We reserve the right to include an administrative processing fee in this transaction attempt.

Will I still be able to see my bills from my energy companies?

Yes, you will still be able to see bills from your energy companies. You may log into your online accounts with your energy companies at any time. Alternatively, Sealed will provide copies of energy bills paid on your behalf within 2 business days upon request.

How do I know Sealed is paying my bills on my behalf?

Sealed is committed to paying your energy bills in full and by the bill due date. If you wish to confirm that Sealed has paid your bills on your behalf, you may request proof of bill payment from Sealed, and we will provide it to you within 2 business days upon request. Additionally, you may obtain proof-of-payment information through your online energy company accounts or by contacting the customer support at your energy companies.

What happens if I want to leave the program?

One of the best features of HomeAdvance is that there is no pre-payment penalty.

When you sign up you will be provided with a transparent early payment schedule, which you can use if you move, or otherwise decide to leave the program. 

You will never have to pay to HomeAdvance more when you buy out than the amount that we originally paid towards your project.

How does this work with solar?

Sealed is a huge supporter of solar, and we’re happy to integrate it into your HomeAdvance bills. If you already have solar panels on your roof or are in the process of going solar, we will need ongoing access to your solar production so that we can consistently give you credit for this production. Please note that you will be responsible for paying your solar company separate from your HomeAdvance bills.

If you’re looking to get started with solar, check out how Sealed can help you get started!

What happens if I make a major change to my home?

Home improvements including pools, pool heaters, additional rooms, or dormers may cause major changes to your energy usage patterns. If you make a major change to your home, you will no longer be eligible to pay with your savings through HomeAdvance. You may either pay the Early Payment Amount or switch to a fixed monthly payment.


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