Our Team

The Sealed Team is a group of passionate nerds who are obsessed with making home comfort as easy as pie.

 Andy Frank Sealed Headshot

Andy Frank, Founder & CEO

Andy is an experienced energy efficiency entrepreneur, named a top 10 New York Young Energy Leader by Breaking Energy. Andy co-founded Efficiency 2.0, an energy efficiency software start-up that helped utilities engage and reward their residential customers, which was sold to C3 in 2012. Andy took the company from pre-revenue to multi-million dollar deals with some of the largest investor owned utilities. Proving all classical economists wrong, he was inspired to start Sealed when he literally found $100 lying on a sidewalk.

 Lauren Salz Sealed Headshot

Lauren Salz, Co-Founder & CHief Operating Officer

Lauren manages Sealed's software and patent-pending analytics, as well as the recently announced Sealed HomeAdvance fund. Lauren taught herself Python and Ruby on Rails, and developed Sealed’s core IP.  Lauren was previously an investment analyst at McKinsey & Company, where she focused on fixed income strategies.

 Andrew McCarthy Sealed Headshot

Andrew Mccarthy, DIRECTOR OF operations

Andrew comes to Sealed from an agricultural nonprofit in Tanzania and Teach for America in New Orleans. Happy to be back home in New York, he can typically be found impersonating Bruce Springsteen or kvetching about the Mets, regardless of whether he's at work.

 Ali Adler Sealed Headshot

ALI Adler, DIRECTOR OF partnerships

Ali previously led the Northeast Clean Energy Council’s entrepreneurship programs. After drinking startup kool-aid for years, she's taking the plunge at Sealed developing partnerships. When she's not compulsively networking, you'll spot her befriending every dog in New York City.

 Dan Hochman


Dan came to Sealed after earning his M.S. in Energy Science, Technology and Policy from Carnegie Mellon University. Before grad school, he worked on energy issues at economic development organizations and think tanks. When Dan isn't thinking about energy, he is...oh who are we kidding, he's always thinking about energy.

 Patrick McNamara Sealed Headshot

Patrick Mcnamara, DIRECTOR OF Analytics

Patrick previously worked at Efficiency 2.0, building statistical models to measure and predict energy savings. Patrick has somehow created nerdy obsessions around both beer and football, neither of which have helped his beloved Kansas City Chiefs.

 Matt Soble Sealed Headshot


Matt comes to Sealed from Tufts University where he studied Architecture and Entrepreneurship. Originally from Chicago, Matt will talk your ear off about how awesome Chicago is until you beg him to stop. Matt loves working at Sealed because, as he puts it, “I’m saving the world-one boiler at a time."

 Jonah Eidman Sealed Headshot

Jonah Eidman, Customer Operations Specialist

Jonah comes to Sealed from Johns Hopkins University, where he studied Mechanical Engineering. After many frigid nights in his poorly sealed Baltimore row house, destiny brought him to New York to help others avoid the same shivering fate. Jonah has a healthy passion for hiking and an unhealthy passion for the Mets.

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