Upgrade your home with no change to your budget

If your house is drafty in the winter and stuffy in the summer, or you're using inefficient heating and cooling equipment, that’s a sign you’re wasting energy—and money. HomeAdvance puts that wasted money to better use.

HomeAdvance will pre-pay for smart upgrades that reduce your energy use. And the difference between your old bill and your new bill covers the work!

You get a house that’s safe and comfortable all year with no change to your historical energy budget.

Genius, right?

How does HomeAdvance work? 

If you live in a house with drafts, poor insulation, or inefficient equipment, then every month you pay extra to heat and cool your home. Just like a leaky faucet wastes water, a leaky house wastes energy.

HomeAdvance calculates exactly how much money you’re wasting, and then pre-pays for smart upgrades like air sealing, insulation, oil-to-gas conversions, and wireless technology. The energy (and money) you save each month covers the the upgrades and program costs.

Your monthly bill stays the same, but your house is safer, greener, and more comfortable. It also means that if the upgrades don’t work, we don’t make money. So we’re tied to your success.

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Learn more about our HomeAdvance plans

Comfort Plan
HomeAdvance will help you weatherize your home. By sealing and insulating problem areas, your home will be safer, more comfortable, and more valuable. Learn more

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Gas Conversion Plan
HomeAdvance will help you convert from oil to gas. Say goodbye to your oil tank or expensive deliveries, and enjoy living in a more valuable, efficient home. Learn more

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