Why pay in full before you see results?

Get a better home, with less out of pocket.
Pay what you save, guaranteed.

HomeAdvance is an exclusive program that helps cover the up-front cost of of home upgrades, and gets paid back overtime based on how much energy you actually save from the improvements.   It's the only option accountable to results.

I thought, why pay cash or take out a loan before I saw the results? With HomeAdvance, I’m guaranteed to only pay based on what I’m saving.
— Eric T., Merrick, NY

How it works:

You get your future energy savings today to help cover the cost of home upgrades

Right now, your home is using more energy than it should be. But when you install eligible upgrades with HomeAdvance, you will use less energy.

Based on the energy savings expected to result from your home upgrades the future, we write you a check towards the project today. We get paid back with whatever actual energy savings occur during your time with us.


You stick with your current energy budget, and swap energy waste for a better home

waste to savings conversion

With HomeAdvance, you pay based on how much energy you save. This means that your overall energy budget will stay roughly the same as it is today.

HomeAdvance lets you transform today's energy waste into improved home comfort and value.


Unlike a bank loan, you pay based on results

homeadvance vs loan

The bank doesn't  care what you save. We do.

HomeAdvance is the only option with long-term accountability. Where you'll pay the same amount to the bank no matter what, you only pay what you save with HomeAdvance.



Not saving? You're protected. 

If your project is not saving as much as expected, you pay less over time.



Save more? Get cash.

If you save more than expected, redeem cash back or pay off early.


Leave anytime, no penalty.

You choose your the length of the agreement, and can pay down faster or buy out anytime - you’ll never owe more than the cash price.


Better than cash: you get to try before you buy

Even if you have the funds to pay for your solutions in full, HomeAdvance gives you the opportunity to see how the energy savings are going before you pay full price. 


Plus you get awesome perks:

  • FREE smart thermostat (Nest or Ecobee) 
  • Home Energy Buddy - a single point of contact for your home energy questions
  • Annual check-ins to ensure your continued satisfaction
  • Combined billing with your utilities for convenience
  • Tracking and reporting on your home's energy savings

Got Questions?

How do you know what my energy savings will be? How long will I be in this program? What if I move? What's the interest rate?

We know you've got questions and we've got answers to your HomeAdvance FAQ!

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